Lush: Fresh Farmacy

I was reluctant at first to buy a bar of soap as a facial cleanser, but after going through tons of great reviews about Lush products, I went ahead to the Lush store and decided to try one of their skin cleansers and see if their all-natural ingredients would do wonders for my oily, slightly sensitive skin. I was deciding between Angels on Bare Skin and Fresh Farmacy and so I asked the store assistant what she thinks. After asking me questions to determine what type of skin I have, she told me that Fresh Farmacy might be best as Angels on Bare Skin can be too moisturizing because of the essential oils. I went home excited to go straight to the bathroom to wash my face.

From the Lush website:

Use Fresh Farmacy when all else fails; even if you’ve been reduced to washing with plain cold water, convinced that everything in the world will make your sensitive react badly, give it a try. We’ve had some amazing results with Fresh Farmacy because we make it with loads of calming calamine and chamomile and a stack of essential oils to soothe easily irritated skin. If you’ve troubled skin all over your body please feel free to wash everything with it. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin you’ll appreciate Fresh Farmacy’s ability to keep your face in order.

This soap leaves your skin squeaky clean, even when you have tons of makeup on. How do I know? Because after washing, I put some toner on a cotton ball and wipe it all over my face and there are no traces of dirt on the cotton ball, not like when I use other cleansers. It also leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It has also helped me control my skin’s oiliness. The only downside I’ve found with this product is that it can sometimes leave my skin feeling a little tight, so I just moisturize right away or alternate on using The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash.

I’m not sure though how long the 100g of soap will last because not a month has passed since I started using this product so I’ll just do an update when my soap runs out.


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