Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Night Treatment Gel

This one was a bit heavy on the pocket but I didn’t mind because I was hoping to look for something to help me quickly banish the nasty spots I got from Olay Total Effects moisturizer Smileys. So I headed to the counter to one of the world’s trusted brand in skin care – Clinique – and bought their product that claims to:

  • Fades out blemishes while reducing discomforts
  • Instantly helps comforts & calms redness
  • Provides an immediate refreshing touch
  • Leaves skin incredibly clear & radiant

If I had the money I would have bought all the products in their anti-blemish skin care range, but unfortunately, I don’t so I settled for the night treatment gel. First night of using it, the huge pimples on my face have subsided the next morning and within 1-2 weeks, my skin had become clear. Beware though of putting too much in your face as it can leave your skin feeling too dry. After using it every night for around 3 weeks, I feel my skin is getting a bit dry so I now use it every other night. Don’t worry about the price too much as this product will last you for ages and actually works!


April 7, 2007. Anti-Blemish, Clinique. 1 comment.