The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

I have always heard about how good tea tree oil is for those with oily and blemished skin. So I thought I’ll give The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil line a try and I started with the cleanser.

From The Body Shop website:

Cleansing gel that lathers to gently cleanse, lift impurities and make-up while helping to control shine and blemishes, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. Deep cleanses to remove dirt and makeup while allantoin soothes skin.

The packaging is simple. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip top cap and will last you around 3 months if used twice everyday.

One thing to note with this product is the scent. It smells antibacterial and not particularly pleasant. I didn’t liked it at first but after a few washes or so, I’ve gotten used to it.

Before I started using the cleanser, I had tiny bumps on my face mostly on my forehead. Somehow, the Neutrogena cleanser just stopped working on me. After using the Tea Tree Oil facial wash for a few weeks, my skin became a lot clearer and less oily. I still do get the occasional spots now and then but this has helped to get them under control. My only complaint is that it doesn’t remove make-up completely and I guess that is where the toner comes in handy.

Overall, this is a good cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and it did helped control shine and blemishes.


April 11, 2007. Cleansers, The Body Shop.

One Comment

  1. Lavender5005 replied:

    Yes. True. It does control oiliness..thus less breakout on my face. I,ve only been using it for 1 week ++!

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